Review by Lauren W.
United States, on Mar 29, 2022

Love my bear !! Thank you !!

Review by Laura S.
United States, on Jan 15, 2022

So cute, love them both. Nicely made, and the sweaters are just great. Thank you!

Svetlana Lukanova
Review by Sharron Teague S.
Australia, on Jan 14, 2022

A gorgeousl little bear, beautifully aged and well made. Smells amazing.
Came in a gorgeous keep sake cylinder box that is so lovely.
Thank you very much. 🙂

Cylinder box handmade
Svetlana Lukanova
Review by Laura S.
United States, on Jan 12, 2022

So cute, love these two! And thank you so much for the Nutcracker. He is fabulous!

Svetlana Lukanova
Review by Kerstin B.
Germany, on Jan 8, 2022

The big Boy arrived today, he had a long journey.
He is such a handsom boy, I felt in love with him, the moment I saw him the first time.

Svetlana Lukanova
Review by Valérie A.
Belgium, on Dec 17, 2021

Les amis sont arrivés aujourd'hui à la maison . Je l'adore avec son tissus si original, son visage si doux. Ils apporteront beaucoup de bonheur à ma vie. Ils sont arrivés très vite. Merci à l'artiste qui a tant de talent. Valérie. Belgique

Svetlana Lukanova
Review by Miyuki G.
United States, on Dec 11, 2021

He is a very beautiful big red bear.
It is very carefully made and has a lovely face.
I love him very much💕
Thank you 😊

Review by Valérie A.
Belgium, on Dec 6, 2021

I am in love with this little man Alex. Hé is arrived quickly. Hé is simply perfect bear. When i look at him my heart is full love

Review by Christine S.
Germany, on Nov 30, 2021
Review by Christine S.
Germany, on Oct 30, 2021
Review by Lawrence W.
United States, on Jul 9, 2021

Wow, a wonderful, large black bear. I love this bear. The workmanship of the bear artist is splendid! The bear was one of the better priced bears that I have seen on Tedsby. You can't go wrong getting a bear from this bear artist. I am extremely satisfied.
Lawrence Wiedmann

Review by 雪 ?.
China, on Jul 4, 2021
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